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Guide to ESSER & GEER Funding Resources

A recovery plan is only as strong as the foundation on which it is built.

Build your foundation with KiNVO™.

No recovery plan or intervention will have an impact if students are absent from school. That’s why district leaders around the country are turning to KiNVO first to ensure recovery plans are as effective as possible. KiNVO helps educators, schools, and districts meet attendance, communications, and family engagement needs.

KiNVO and Kinvolved’s professional learning services qualify as allowable uses of CARES, ESSER I & II, and GEER stimulus funds.
See this FAQ document from the
U.S. Department of Education.

Districts are encouraged to use funds to advance educational equity. ESSER and GEER funds can be used to

Address chronic absenteeism by implementing data-driven strategies, including tracking daily attendance and creating early warning systems to identify students at risk of becoming chronically absent or dropping out.
Support English Learners through outreach to families that includes them as partners in education.
Improve data systems and public reporting transparency around attendance rates, absenteeism, and more.
Support full-service community schools with family and community engagement.
Provide principals and school leaders with resources to address their school’s needs
Address the academic impact of lost instructional time by tracking student attendance and improving student engagement.
Implement strategies to meet the social, emotional, mental health, and academic needs of students hit hardest by the pandemic.
Meet the needs of low-income children or students, children with disabilities, English learners, racial and ethnic minorities, students experiencing homelessness, and foster care youth.
Purchase educational technology (including hardware, software, and connectivity).

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